The best keyword to represent The Year of Fire Rooster 2017 is CONFLICT.

The Year of Fire Rooster starts on January, 28th, 2017, consists of two elements, those are Yin Fire and Yin Metal.

According to the cycle of constructive and destructive, which manages the relationship between 5 elements, Fire clashes with Metal, so they are in the destructive cycle, and this condition will have an negative influence on the social and political life.


The Year of the Rooster, 2017, in the Lunar calendar ( Xia ), is influenced by two elements those are Yin Fire & Yin Metal. Yin Fire is identical with campfire, stove fire, candle flame, fire cracker or explosion which is sparkling and unstable . Meanwhile Yin Metal is one of the ‘Flower of Romance’ or ‘Peach Blossom’ which brings beauty, attractive, charming, and it’s identical with metal acessories, decorative metal such as necklace, bracelets ( it looks elegant, beautiful ) but it is hard, cold and rigid. Yin metal also represents dagger or knife and gun which is related to assasinations, gun battles, war.



As discussed earlier, the Year of the Rooster contains Yin Fire and Yin Metal which is in conflict relationship, the conflict between Fire x Metal. It will affect international conflicts, those are :


At the close of the year, the war in Syria is the world’s gravest, with its effects stretching across the region and sucking in major powers. More than a quarter of a million Syrians have been killed and almost 11 million, about half the country’s population displaced in or outside the country. The rise of the Islamic State, which now controls a large swath of eastern Syria and northwest Iraq, has drawn in firepower from countries including the United States, France, the United Kingdom, and Russia. (>


At sea (water), the last year the conflict occurred in the South China Sea dispute involving several countries those are China, Vietnam, Philippines and Japan, it will have the possibility of escalation and weapon contact will possibly happen this year (because of the conflict of Fire and Metal).


Recent photographs from the southeastern city of Diyarbakir show young militants with assault rifles manning sandbagged roadblocks and engaging in bloody urban battles. Such images capture a dangerous escalation in Turkey’s long conflict with the Kurdistan.(foreign

And there more conflicts at Afghanistan, Burundi, Yemen, Libya, South Sudan etc, which will escalate and possibly become worst this year.


In the domestic affairs there are some conflicts and high threat due to several factors:


The great threat of terrorism, terrorist groups continue to plan and carry out attacks. These groups have the capacity and intent to carry out attacks at any time and anywhere in the country. These types of attacks including suicide bombings and small-arms fire, targeting the public and crowded places.
The threat of Islamic extremist remains high, although the Indonesian government continues to prevent and destroy the planning of attacks, including the capture of suspected terrorists.


The conflict that comes from political mobilization on behalf of the ethnic, religious, race, and intergroup ( SARA ) and conflict sourced from negative campaign among regional head candidates.

The next potential conflict that comes from political thuggery and the imposition of the will. The Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) is an organization of people with hardline Islamic. Basically the goal of the FPI wants to enforce Syariat Islamic law, but their actions were very radical and anarchist can not be justified. The action of FPI frequenly culminated in conflict with the surrounding community, because people feel disturbed by the arrival of a convoy of the FPI, frequently clashes and such clashes causing deaths and injuries. The clashes between the FPI with the community is a new phenomenon, this clash of events indicates that the public is increasingly antipathy to the behavior FPI is often disturbing people.

The tendency of disintegration of this society must be prevented and solved by the community itself, FPI organizations, governments and other stakeholders. If the horizontal conflict is allowed to happen, then it is possible the disintegration of society will be expanded and its effects to the disintegration of the nation.

Another conflict that comes from the manipulation and rigging the vote count results of the General Election. Last is the conflict yangbersumber of differences in interpretation of the rules of implementation of the General Election.


Rooster symbolized by a Yin Metal element containing metal only and the energy tends to be dry. Last year ( 2016 ) the year of Monkey was symbolized by Yang Metal element. It contained Water, so that the weather conditions was wet ( a lot of rain ).
However, this year the element of Yin Fire ( Fire Rooster year) will increase the heat and potentially cause fires such as building fire, forest fire ), especially in the summer season between June to September. Of course it will trigger the smoke pollution disaster greater than last year. Therefore, the government should immediately establish regulations restricting the activities of forest burning by the company which is engaged in forest management.


The Yin Fire and Yin Metal element of 2017 is expected to bring prosperity to bussiness related to :

Fire element, which includes restaurant, bakery & cake, energy supply, entertainment, stock market and finance.

The second best business could be water, Which includes tour & travel, freight forwarding service, education, beverage, mineral water, bar & lounge, banking, transportation, communication, shipping.

Business related to Earth is also positive , because Earth produces Metal, so it will a lot of chance and creativity, so the Earth element businesses such as property, construction, high tech, mining are good this year.
In recent years, property business was stagnant, but this year is expected to bring prosperity to Earth businesses especially property business

This analysis uses the method of Four Pillars of Eight Elements, which refers to the relationship of Five Elements and to the energy balance ( Yin & Yang ) as a basic principle of Feng Shui. The analysis is not absolute but should be a reference to prepare all the potential effort in confronting all bad possibilities. Thus the bad influences can be prevented, so as to create safe and peaceful atmosphere. Hopefully.

James Riyadi
November 15, 2017 – 20:11:33 WIB

Dear Suhu saya lahir 18 nov 1988 jam 8 malam. bagaimana peluang karir & jodoh di tahun 2017 & 2018 ? mohon petunjuk dari suhu, thanks terima kasih James


FU GUI : Anda tipe orang yang berkemampuan dalam bidang management hanya karakter anda yang kukuh/kepala batu bisa jadi kendala, karena anda kurang mendengar pendapat org lain. Bioritme anda saat ini sedang menanjak, hanya tahun 2018 ada sedikit menurun, anda harus lebih sabar dalam menjalani pekerjaan dan harus lebih banyak mempertimbangkan pendapat org lain. Peluang jodoh anda sdh terbuka sejak anda berusia 20 tahun atau mulai tahun 2008, kemungkinan anda pernah gagal dlm perjodohan tahun 2015.  Soal kapan anda menikah anda dpt mengetahuinya dgn memasukan data lahir anda ke aplikasi kami : feng shui fu gui yang dpt didownload di link sbb :

October 06, 2017 – 21:46:13 WIB

Dear Suhu saya lahir 18 nov 1988 jam 8 malam. saat ini saya berkerja sebagai guru les dan jual alat keselamatan kerja secara online. apakah pekerjaan ini cocok dengan saya ? bagaimana peluang karir dan jodoh saya di tahun 2017 dan 2018 ? mohon petunjuk dari suhu, thanks


Fu Gui : Anda sebenarnya merupakan tipe orang yang ngatur ( manajemen ) juga tipe orang yg kukuh/kepala batu, walaupun anda memang memiliki bakat seni. Soal usaha atau karir mulai usia anda 26 tahun sudah membaik dan berada dalam grafik menanjak. Dalam perjodohan seringkali anda ketemu cewek yang sdh berpasangan khususnya dalam 2 tahun ini yaitu 2016 dan 2017. Soal kapan anda menikah silahkan anda masukan data lahir anda ke aplikasi android kami yg dpt di download di link sbb :

September 03, 2017 – 21:45:16 WIB

Mohon nasehatnya , saya perempuan lahir 30-08-1977 pukul 2.30 malam.apakah cocok berusaha d bidang salon kecantikan wanita.terima kasih atas nasehatnya


FU GUI : Anda cekatan dan punya bakat seni dan kemampuan bergaul yang cukup baik shg jaringan anda cukup luas, hanya anda agak kurang sabar. Saran sy untuk anda adalah apabila anda memiliki ide atau gagasan sebaiknya jangan banyak dikeluarkan didepan saingan anda, karena ide /gagasan anda yg bagus seringkali ‘dicuri’ teman ataupun relasi anda. Jadi kapan dan kepada siapa anda mengemukakan ide/gagasan harus tepat jangan sembarangan dikemukakan. Usaha dibidang salon kecantikan cukup cocok dengan bakat seni anda, jika anda ingin tahu lebih banyak bidang usaha lain anda bisa masukkan data lahir anda ke aplikasi android Fu Gui yg dpt didownload di link sbb :

July 31, 2017 – 13:23:13 WIB

Saya lahir 25 Sep’73, pekerjaan saya sebelumnya Personal Assistant expatriate. Tapi karena Mama sakit, Juni 2016 saya berhenti kerja. Untuk megisi waktu, saya mencoba usaha jualan Online, catering, & usaha konveksi. Tapi 10 bln berjalan, dari semua usaha tersebut, berakhir dengan kegagalan. Sampai modal usaha habis. Setelah 1,5 bulan Mama meninggal, memutuskan saya memutuskan untuk kembali melamar pekerjaan, tapi dari beberapa interview yang saya jalani belum juga membuahkan hasil. Apakah jenis-jenis usaha yang saya lakukan tidak sesuai untuk saya?? Mohon dibantu reviewnya. Terima kasih.


FU GUI : Seharusnya anda tidak perlu berhenti dari karir anda sbg Personal Ass tsb, namun nasi sdh jadi bubur. Sy sarankan coba anda kembali ke perusahaan lama dgn menjabat sbg Personal Ass. Energi tahun 2017 ini memang kurang berpengaruh baik bagi anda, namun anda tetap hrs usaha keras utk mendapatkan pekerjaan, pasti ada jalan. Seharusnya tahun depan anda bisa mendapatkan pekerjaan walaupun akan menguras tanaga anda. Anda punya kemampuan lebih dalam bidang manajemen ( anda tipe org ngatur ), bisnis sendiri kurang sesuai karena pengalaman anda dlm bisnis minim. 

June 04, 2017 – 22:11:20 WIB

Saya Vita lahir 19 Agustus 1980 jam 3.01 subuh, apakah usaha yang cocok untuk saya, saya sedang trading forex apakah akan berhasil? Trimakasih Fu Gui


FU GUI : Anda punya karakter agak galak, dgn kemampuan manajemen ( ngatur ) kurang cocok trading forex yg sifatnya setengah judi, emosi anda akan kurang terkendali dan berdampak negatif thd usaha semacam ini. Jika anda masih bekerja sebaiknya anda menekuni karir anda, saat ini karir anda cukup baik. Seharusnya anda dapat juga mengandalkan hidup pada suami  ( menurut analisis perkawinan, suami anda memiliki kualitas yang baik, hanya anda pernah mengalami badai dalam rumah tangga pada periode usia 28 – 33 tahun – puncaknya tahun 2014 ). Namun jika anda ingin coba usaha silahkan masukkan data lahir anda ke aplikasi android kami yg dpt di download di link sbb : Atau anda bisa konsultasi langsung dgn menghubungi kami, no kontak ada di menu Contact Us di web kami. Terima kasih

John Liem
March 17, 2017 – 17:18:46 WIB

dear suhu saya lahir 18 nov 1988 jam 8 malam, saat ini saya sedang mencari pekerjaan. apakah tahun ini ada peluang terbuka untuk mendapat pekerjaan ?, pekerjaan apa yang cocok dengan saya ? atau apakah lebih baik buka bisnis ? dan apakah tahun ini saya ada peluang buka jodoh ? mohon petunjuk dari master suhu. terima kasih Liem


FU GUI : Peluang karir dan jodoh anda sdh terbuka, dari tahun lalu, seharusnya banyak kesempatan kerja yang dapat anda ambil. Kesempatan harus dipergunakan sebaik baiknya jangan terlalu idealis, ada kesempatan sekecil apapun sebaiknya anda ambil. Anda punya kemampuan managerial, dan cebderung punya kelebihan dlm bidang manajemen, hanya karakter anda agak sedikit emosional, kurang sabar dan kukuh. Soal jodoh seharusnya dari tahun lalu sdh ada dan akan lebih serius tahun ini, sesudah bulan Agustus.


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