The best keyword to represent The Year of Earth Dog 2018 is STUBBORN.

The Chinese New Year of 2018 starts on February, 16th, 2018, consists of two elements, those are Yang Earth  ( Heavenly Stem ) and Also Yang Earth  ( Earthly Branches ).

According to the cycle of constructive and destructive, which manages the relationship between 5 elements, Earth and Earth are in the constructive cycle, and can joint together to become Earth. This Combination of Earth dan Earth, is called Giant Star ( in Chinese language is kui gang ).

This condition will bring both positive or negative influence on the weather, social, economical and political life in either Indonesia and all over the world.


The Year of the Dog, 2018, in the Lunar calendar ( Xia ), is influenced by two elements those are Yang Earth & Yang Earth. This combination of 2 Earth are in the constructive cycle, and can joint together to become dense and hard Earth.
Firstly, the Yang Earth is identical with massive big mountain, high hills, which is massive, unmoveable and stiff.
Secondly. The Yang Earth contains Metal and Fire, even though Fire is weak but there is still conflict between Metal and Fire.
The combination of those 2 Earth according to the 4 Pillars 8 elements method is called the Giant Star ( in Chinese language = kui gang) representing stubborn, tough in character and never surrender, strong determination to achieve his goal and will fight to the end, stick to principles and hard to compromise.

Conclusion :

– Strong / stubborn, stiff, confrontational, never surrender, uncompromised
– Metal and Fire are conflict which will cause instability.


As discussed earlier, the year of Earth Dog 2018 consists of 2 Yang Earth Elements that have a stubborn character, stiff and conflict, that is the conflict between Fire and Metal. This will negatively affect both International & Domestic political affairs and the possibility of conflict that will be worse, those are :


At the close of this year, US President Donald Trump on Wednesday afternoon (6/12) US time, in a speech at the White House has officially recognized Yerusalem as the capital of Israel, and planned to move the US embassy to Jerusalem.

This recognition was opposed by many parties, whom until now (22/12) at least 128 countries including Indonesia (out of a total of 193 UN member states) rejected the US decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The influence of the energy 2018 is probably causing the United States to continue insisting on the recognition, so it will likely to trigger more serious conflict in International affairs.


The assault from about 6,500 Rohingya militants on 25 August 2017 against police posts, military bases. If calculated, the point of assault between the most northern and the most southern reaches nearly 100 kilometers in length.

Rohingya militants also attacked the northern part of Buthidaung city, which is one of Myanmar’s military bases. After the incident, the Myanmar Government held a military operation in Rakhine launched to eradicate the Rohingya militant group, since then the Rohingyas fled to Bangladesh because the Myanmar had brutal action in its counter attack, burning villages, beating and killing civilians.


In domestic affairs, Member of Election Supervisory Board (Bawaslu), Mochamad Afifudin, said that 2018 electoral will be a lot of election disputes. The time period between election of regional head, legislative election and adjacent presidential election is the cause of the high potential of disputes.

He explained that the 2018 Pilkada vote will be held on 27 June. Soon afterwards, namely in August, political parties participating in the 2019 election will announce their support for their respective presidential candidates.

This almost simultaneous processwill influences the political temperature of the election. Therefore, the results in Pilkada 2018 will have an important influence on the 2019 election.

The influence of Earth energy this year will cause the disputes in the election tends to be protracted because each party will insist on the establishment.


Earth energy that influences in 2018, is dry Earth, where the Earth in the heavenly stem is a stable mountain soil, sturdy, stable, meanwhile the dry Earth in earthly branches contains Metal and Fire. According to the relationship of 5 elements, Metal and Fire are in conflict or destroy each other, so this is a sign that the Earth element in earthly branches will become unstable. The unstable Land can cause the possibility of Landslide, Earthquake and Mount Eruption.

The influence of this dry Earth’s element will cause the weather to become dry, the rainfall will be less than last year. Dry Earth has the potential to cause fire, especially forest fires that occur almost every year.

Meanwhile to countries that have 4 seasons, then during the summer the temperature will rise and possibly to be the hottest summer in this decades.


The influence of Earth element in 2018 on the economic field:


One of those area of businesses that is expected to get a positive and profitable influence is WOOD Industry that is dynamic, creative and always growing, branched countless (infinite) and aesthetic.
The fields related to Wood elements are Art and Design such as Furniture, Visual Communication Design, Fashion Design, Game Design, Pure Art (painting, sculpture, etc.), Music Art, Printing and Publishing, Networking Business, etc.


The business field that will become increasingly recognized and used globally is related to the infinite flow of Water.
Business fields related to Air are Information Technology such as Online Business, Tour & Travel, Courier Services, Beverages, Mineral Water, Internet & Mobile Banking, Transportation, Telecommunication, Education.


The business field that will also grow with new ideas and breakthroughs is the field of Fire-related Fire where the nature is also dynamic and always changing with the frequency or graphic of up and down.
Businesses related to Fire elements are Stock, Foreign Currency, Electronic Money (Cryptocurrency), Finance, Entertainment, Electronics, Restaurant, etc.


The business field that will remain stagnant, less profit, difficult to develop and faces strong competition this year, is the field of business related to Earth and Metal Element.
Businesses related to Earth element are Property, Real Estate, Apartment, Hotel, Health, Construction Material, etc. While the business fields related to Metal element are Automotive, Manufacturing Industry, Jewellery, Law and Politics, Gold, etc.


This analysis uses the Four Pillars of Eight Elements method, which refers to the Five Elements and Energy Balance ( Yin & Yang ) relationship as the basic principle of Feng Shui. This analysis is not absolute but should be a reference for preparing any potential effort to face of all the bad possibilities. Thus the bad influence can be prevented, so as to create a safe and peaceful atmosphere. Hopefully.





Smoke from two fires burning in the Angeles National Forest rises with the downtown skyline in the foreground in Los Angeles, California, July 2018




Maria Levina
April 28, 2018 – 15:44:24 WIB

Halo pa liem, Sy lahir 27 mei 1989 jam 10:15 pagi Dan suami sy 26 februari 1990 jam 11++ siang Anak saya 31 agustus 2017 jam 9pagi Sejak menikah , keuangan kami berantakan sekali dan jadi menumpuk hutang , usaha juga turun drastis .. Suami sy bekerja seb akuntan , dan sy usaha stiker .. Sejak menikah usaha sy turun drastis .. Saya hendak memulai usaha lagi , di bidang apa cocoknya ya pa liem .. terimakasih ..

 FU GUI : Usaha anda turun drastis kemungkinan karena banyak dirugikan oleh relasi atau kompetitor usaha, atau bisa juga oleh teman anda sendiri. Hindari joint usaha dengan teman, karena anda lebih baik usaha sendiri. Usaha bidang stiker tergolong usaha yg berelemen Kayu memang kurang bagus, lebih baik usaha dibidang yang berhubungan dengan Tanah atau Logam ( misalnya property, perhotelan, retail, aksesoris wanita dari logam, otomotif, alat alat rumah tangga dll ). Karir suami cukup bagus sejak 2013- 2017 namun tahun ini agak menurun, untuk usaha anda lebih mampu usaha dibandingkan suami. Semoga sukses.

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  1. Salam Hormat pa, saya ibu irin lahir 2 mei 1980 jam 13.00 , suami 11 feb 1973 jam. 10.00, anak saya lahir 23 Des 2013 jam 16.00 ….saya berencana membeli rumah yg masi berbentuk lahan blm dibangun developer arah hadap Selatan , penempatan yg hoki /kamar yg cocok arah mana utk kami sklg, untuk saya kira2 usaha apa yg cocok, terima kasih

    1. Arah yang bagus untuk ibu dan suami adalah Timur, jika arah nya dapat selatan maka ruang tidurnya harus di sektor Timur. Namun soal tata ruang
      harus dirancang lebih lanjut, tdk bisa dibuat dlm forum diskusi ini. Ibu juga harus membayar biaya jasa untuk merancang rumah. Untuk ibu usaha uang bagus yg berhubungan dng Air dan Kayu
      ( Minuman, jasa kurir, jasa tour / travel, angkutan, furniture, tekstil, fashion dll ).

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