Feng Shui has a variety of tips to help improving your health. DOWSING is one of Feng Shui Methods of searching for, and detecting the Earth energy sources which are mainly eminating from underground known as GEOPATHIC STRESS LINE, 70% is caused by underground water flow.

Dowsing is used to make deep well, to identify and locate energy lines in the living environment especially…. in the bedroom, study room, so that the sleep and work area can be away from negative energy, thereby creating a living environment that is totally healthy. So use Feng Shui and start creating Healthy Home right now !!!


How to detect electromagnetic field known as Geopathic Stress Line in Your Home. Mr Liem search for Geopathic Stress in a bed room of a house at Setraduta Residence.

Mr Liem searched for Geopathic Stress in the music room of a house at Setraduta residence.

Mr.Liem searched for Geopathic Stress in a bed room of a house at Setiabudi Regency.


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