Our Youtube Channel consist of Video Series of Feng Shui Scientific Description was made by Liem Boen Hong ( Master of Architectural Engineering ). Until know the video series are :

  • FENG SHUI 1st SERIES     :  Meaning of Feng Shui, Brief History & Yin Yang

  • FENG SHUI 2nd SERIES `:  Yin Yang – Four Divisions – Eight Trigrams (Ba Gua ) – 64  Hexagrams


  • FENG SHUI 3rd SERIES    : Pre Birth Ba Gua, Post Birth Ba Gua

  • FENG SHUI 4th SERIES    : The Birth of Five (5) Elements & Three (3) Mutual Relationship ( 2 fishes and 5 loaves )

  • FENG SHUI 5th SERIES    : The Basic Knowledge  of Chinese Calendar

  • FENG SHUI 6th Series      : The Heavenly Stems & The Earthly Branches Element of Chinese Calendar

  •  FENG SHUI 7th SERIES      : Chinese Zodiac and Chinese Calendar

  • FENG SHUI 8th SERIES       : Feng Shui Compass / Luo Pan

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