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, December 25, 2012 - 00:00:11 WIB
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CONFLICT is the best keyword to describe Feng Shui analysis 2013, according to Feng Shui Method of Four Pillars and Eight Elements, the events that would happen are TERROR, WAR, NUCLEAR ACCIDENTS, TRANSPORTATION ACCIDENTS ( esp TRAIN CRASHES, FLIGHT, etc ), POLITICAL & SOCIAL CONFLICT, NATURAL DISASTER ( FLOOD, LANDSLIDES, EARTH QUAKE, VOLCANIC ERUPTION, etc ).


The Year of the Snake, 2013, in the Hsia calendar, is influenced by two elements, that is Water from heaven and Fire from the earth. The energy from the earth commonly known as Snake ( Snake is one of 12 shio ), so this year known as the year of the Water Snake. According to the cycle of birth of five elements ( wu xing ) , water is the destroyer of fire and so they are on the destructive cycle and have conflict relationship. And there are 3 elements hidden in the Snake ( Fire, Metal and Earth ), Fire and Water destroyed each other, while Metal is identical with weapon. It means that this year will be not peaceful or there are a lot of conflicts whether in domestic or international relationship. The worst conflict predicted to begin in the month of May or June, just before the peak of summer, when the fire energy is rising up.


Chinese lunar calendar goes on every 60-year cycle, it means that every 60 years has the same year of Water Snake in 1953. This was the year when the Korean War ended, and began the period of the cold war, there was no major warfare but the relationship between U.S.S.R and U.S.A continued, and both camps were in hurry to develop and expand their nuclear arsenal ( Raymond Lo, Feng Shui 2013 ).

In general the political conditions is not condusive this year, and it will bring a year of conflict and disharmony in both domestic and international relationship. The events that can be possibly happened again are terrorist attacks, bombs, killings, war, social conflict, revolution, and maybe the threat of nuclear weapon.

The Conflict between China and Japan over islands in the east China sea will be escalating this year, as Sun Yun, an expert on Chinese security policy at the Washington-based Stimson Centre said : 'I do think it is more dangerous because the current round of tension is more emotionally charged than the earlier stand-offs in the South China Sea.' ( National Post ). Could China, Japan, and Phillipine really go to war over these issue ? The answer is possible.

In the Chinese calendar system, the animal Snake is one of Earthly branches element with the hidden elements of yang metal, yang earth, and yang fire. The hidden element of Yang Metal is identical to a weapon, another hidden element is Yang Fire, that is identical to the sun. The sun is the largest planet and has most powerful energy in the universe, which is identical to the most powerful manmade energy in the world, that is nuclear energy. Yang Metal and yang Fire ( Fire and Metal are in destructive relationship ) so it indicates, there will be accident or usage of the most powerful weapon such as nuclear weapon in international conflict . It will become the most serious problem in international relationship in 2013.

It is important for all the leaders all over the world for a full alert in a possibility facing of terror attacks, usage of nuclear weapon, and anticipate nuclear power plant accident next year.

Indonesia would welcome the election in 2014, so the year of water snake 2013 is a year of election preparatory. Of course there will be a lot of internal conflicts among political parties, participating in the election, and still a lot of social conflict (Poso, Tegal & Cilacap, Madura, Maluku, etc ) will continue happening next year .

Most notably, and separate from the secessionist struggles in Aceh and Papua, these regions are Maluku, Kalimantan and Poso, Central Sulawesi. Human Rights Watch believe that at least 1,000 people were killed, with many more injured and one hundred thousand displaced. The scale of the violence made it almost inevitable that the conflict would escalate this year.

More attention should be given in all parts of Indonesia to the grievances of 'indigenous' communities which have been dislocated, deprived and marginalised in the process of development. Special measures should be taken to compensate them for the loss of land, forests and other resources caused by development projects that have primarily benefited others. ( Ian L.Betts.MA, paper submitted to the Conflict Research Consortium University of Colorado ).


Regarding the economy, Fire element is identical and as the driving force behind the stock market. The strong Fire energy this year, is being creating positive influence to the stock market business. Another business related to Fire element are restaurants/cafe, bakery/cake, catering, movie, and electricity will also get a lot of profit. It can be concluded that this year is the year of prosperity to those businesses related to fire.

The water fire element of 2013 is expected to bring prosperity to earth and metal earth industries; this is because the water element is a symbol of money to the earth industry such as property, hotel, mining, insurance. Moreover, another industry that would gain positive influence is Metal industry, because of metal produces water, it could bring creativity to the metal industries such as automotives, engineering tools and machinery.

In summary , Metal industry business will gain a lot of profit and the number of sales will increase significantly.

Wood industry will gain positive influence also , because of wood produces fire, so this year will be a year full of creativity for wood industries such as textile, printing, magazine, paper, books, art such as painting, handycraft, etc

The next industry that related to water such as transportation, liquid, banking, information technology, will get negative influence because there is conflict between water and Fire, although it brings improvement in financial gains and profit could be more obtained, but the conflict will bring misfortune to water industry. So there will be a lot of serious accidents involving transportation business such as airline, railway and shipping.


The water in this year is identical with rain, fog, so this will also trigger a lot of hurricane / cyclone / storm disasters. In the same water snake year 60 years ago 1953 there were several tornadoes hit USA in May 1953 tornado hit Waco in Texas, killed 114 people, in June tornado hit Michigan, killed 115 people, and then hit Massachusetts killed 94 people, finally in September 1953 a big hurricane hit South East Asia and killed more than 1000 people. ( Raymond Lo, Feng Shui 2013 ).

This year, rainfall will still be high, and also a lot of flood, landslides, especially in Jakarta, the Water Snake year ( from February 10th, 2013 until January 30th, 2014) in the month of January 2014 Jakarta floods will be greater than occured at this time ( still in the year of Water Dragon ). So the government should pay full attention, and have to do the necessary effort facing the possibility of natural disaster next year, because it will be getting bigger than this time.
So far the government has always blamed the weather / Ciliwung river / floods from Bogor City, etc , instead of blaming of bad city infrastructure ( levees collapse, garbage problem causing blocked drains, and the drains were never maintained, and other infrastructure damage problems )
The government is only concerned for economic & building developments (malls, apartments, superblock, highways, etc.) without concerning , developing, creating and caring urban infrastructure well.

Meanwhile for countries which has four seasons, the winter season will be very cold ( especially country that have four seasons and in the north part of the earth ), and there are plenty of snow storm , finally maybe this will be the coldest year in decades.

The Snake as a symbol of Fire, and there are 3 elements ( Fire, Earth, Metal ) hidden in the Snake year, Fire and Earth ( Metal is down below the Earth ) represents volcano, and the clash between water and fire , will trigger several volcano erruption, it is possible followed by tsunami disaster.
The Snake as a symbol of Fire, and there are 3 elements ( Fire, Earth, Metal ) hidden in the Snake year, Fire and Earth ( Metal is down below the Earth ) represents volcano, the clash between water and fire, will trigger several volcano erruption, earthquake, it is possible followed by tsunami disaster.

The Fire will have strong influence to the summer season this year, it could trigger 'heat wave' , and maybe temperatures are expected to soar above 40 degrees in most parts area of the world. This year could be a lot of fire hazards and become the worst fire danger has ever faced.


Energy conditions are always changing from time to time, therefore, it is necessary to search for the position of positive and negative/bad energies at the beginning of each year, so that we can take necessary precautions, and we can utilize the positive energy and avoid the negative energy.

This analysis uses the method of Four Pillars of Eight Elements, which refers to the energy balance as a basic principle of Feng Shui. The analysis is not absolute but should be a reference to prepare all the potential effort in confronting all bad possibilities. Thus the bad influences can be prevented, so as to create safe and peaceful atmosphere. Hopefully.

Events that have been predicted in the analysis in 2013 the year of Water Snake :



(Reuters) - All 108 passengers and crew miraculously survived when a Lion Air Boeing 737 missed the runway on the balmy Indonesian resort island of Bali on Saturday and landed in the sea.

Forty people were treated for injuries including broken legs, head wounds and shock, though only four were admitted to hospital, hospital officials said.
The brand new aircraft had flown from Bandung, in West Java, and was about to land at Bali airport. "But it probably failed to reach the runway and fell into the sea," said Lion Air spokesman Edward Sirait.
He said there were 101 passengers and seven crew on board but would not comment on the cause of the crash. An investigation is under way.
Bali's police chief told local television that there were two foreign passengers.
"There was no sign at all it would fall but then suddenly it dropped into the water," passenger Tantri Widiastuti, 60, told Metro TV. "I saw holes in the floor of the plane ... we were evacuated quickly."
She said she had been treated for minor cuts.
Budget carrier Lion Air is Indonesia's largest airline and is rapidly expanding.
The plane was delivered last month. The company has signed two record contracts with two world's top plane makers, Boeing and Airbus. Last month, it signed a deal with Airbus for 234 passenger jets worth a $24 billion. Two years ago, it signed a deal with Boeing for 230 planes.


A Merpati Nusantara airplane carrying 50 passengers was forced to make a crash landing at El Tari airport, Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara, on Monday.
'Thank God, all passengers are safe,' said Imam Purnomon, the general manager of airport-operator Angkasa Pura Kupang.
Imam said that the Chinese-made M60 airplane had come from Bajawa, in Flores, and there had been no report of any malfunction from the pilot while it was on its way to Kupang. He said the airplane undershot the runway when coming into land.

'We were very surprise.... the front wheels broke, causing the two propellers to break, too, when they hit the ground,' Imam said.
He said the plane was carrying 49 adults and one child, adding that the written-off plane remained on the runway, forcing the airport to close.
At least nine flights had to be immediately postponed, and a total of 21 flights would be affected if the airport was unable to reopen today, he said. 'We are trying to evacuate the airplane,' Imam said.

Detikcom said that one passenger was injured and had been taken to the nearest hospital, but the report could not immediately be confirmed.
The head of the aviation sub-committee at the National Committee for Transportation Safety (KNKT), Masruri, said a team would be immediately deployed to Kupang to investigate the cause of the accident.

'We will depart immediately, the plane was equipped with a cockpit voice recorder and a flight data recorder, we don't want to make predictions. We only know that the plane is now blocking the runway but all passengers survived, we will know more after we gather the evidences,' he said.


abc NEWS : The pilot in charge of the Asiana Airlines jet that crashed on landing at San Francisco International Airport had just 43 hours on the Boeing 777, though he had significant flight time on other jets, airline officials said today. Pilot Lee Kang-kook had flown a Boeing 777 nine previous times to other airports, but was flying the jet to SFO for the first time, Asiana Airlines spokeswoman Lee Hyo-min said.
'He is a veteran pilot with almost 10,000 hours on other aircrafts like the 747,' she said. 'He was in the process of getting a license for the new 777.'

Lee flew with an experienced Boeing 777 pilot mentor, in accordance with world standard, the spokeswoman said.
Asiana Airlines Flight 214 was carrying more than 300 people when it crashed Saturday at San Francisco International Airport. The tail was torn off as it crashed, and it burst into flames.
The crash of the Boeing 777 killed two and injured 181 people. The injured were being cared for at several hospitals and at least 22 were in critical condition, according top hospital officials.

Data on the black boxes recovered from the jet showed that the pilots learned the plane was about to stall and tried to abort the landing just seconds before it crashed on the runway, the National Transportation Safety Board chair said today.


Russian aviation experts say the pilots of a Boeing 737 jet that crashed in Kazan on Sunday carried out a manoeuvre that put the plane into a dive.
During a second attempt to land, the pilots switched to manual control and made a correction when the plane lost speed, the investigators said.
But the jet then nose-dived and crashed on to the tarmac, killing all 50 people on board.
According to the initial findings, the jet did not have any technical faults.

5. Mozambique Plane Crash

Johannesburg: A Mozambique Airlines plane carrying 33 people crashed in a remote border area, killing all on board, a report has said.

The Namibia Press Agency quoted Bollen Sankwasa, a deputy police commissioner, as saying the plane crashed in a national park near the border with Angola and there were no survivors.

The plane was carrying 27 passengers, including 10 Mozambicans, nine Angolans, five Portuguese, and one citizen each from France, Brazil and China, said the airline. Six crew members were on board, it said.

Flight TM470 from Maputo, the Mozambican capital, did not land as scheduled in Luanda, the Angolan capital, yesterday afternoon, and the airline initially said the plane might have landed in Rundu, in northern Namibia. It said it coordinated with aviation authorities in Namibia, Botswana and Angola to locate the missing plane.

A Namibian police helicopter joined officers on the ground in the search. The area is vast and there are no roads, making it difficult to locate the plane, said police official Willy Bampton, according to the Namibian Press Agency.

The search was conducted in the Bwabwata National Park in northeastern Namibia. Several thousand people as well as elephants, buffalo and other animals live in the park, which covers 6,100 square kilometres.


Madrid (CNN) A high-speed passenger train derailed as it hurtled around a curve in northwestern Spain on Wednesday, killing 77 people and injuring more than 100, officials said.

By Thursday morning, the death toll had reached 77, said Maria Pardo Rios, spokeswoman for the Galicia regional supreme court. In Spain, judges are often called out to the scenes of fatalities.

Pictures of the scene showed a train car snapped in two and another car on fire. Rescue crews and fellow passengers pulled out bodies through broken windows and pried open doors as stunned survivors looked on. Police escorted bloodied passengers from the wreckage.

More than 20 injured victims remained in critical condition early Thursday, said Agustin Hernandez Fernandez of the Galicia infrastructure ministry.

State railway Renfe said the train crashed on a curve several kilometers from the train station in the city of Santiago de Compostela.

The train had 218 passengers aboard and was nearing the end of a six-hour trip from Madrid to the town of Ferrol in northwest Spain when it derailed at 8:41 p.m., the railway said.


abc NEWS, At least seven people died Monday when a commuter train collided with a truck hauling fuel in Indonesia's capital, sending a fireball of orange flames and black smoke shooting skyward.

The accident in southern Jakarta killed the train engineer and at least six others, said Jakarta police spokesman Col. Rikwanto, who uses one name like many Indonesians. About 20 others were injured.

A burned-out passenger car was seen lying on its side while plumes of black smoke billowed from parts of the engulfed train run by PT KAI Commuter train company. The train was headed to central Jakarta when the accident occurred just before noon, said Eva Chairunisa, a company spokeswoman. She said the truck was hauling LPG, but police said it was carrying gasoline.

Two carriages derailed during the accident, and hundreds of panicked passengers ran from the train, many screaming and crying. Rescuers worked to pull out three bodies pinned under the wreckage, said Sukarno, a firefighter on the scene. The cause of the accident is being investigated.

A passenger of a derailed carriage who managed to escape told MetroTV that the train appeared to slam on its breaks just before impact. She said she heard explosions and then the car filled with thick smoke, making it difficult to breathe.

"My position was near the door, but I could not move because I was ... trampled by other passengers," said Veronica, who uses only one name and was riding in a car reserved for women. "We managed to escape after people from outside broke the windows. I saw many victims with burns on their legs, hands and stomachs."

The accident occurred near the site of a 1987 crash that killed 156 people when two trains collided.

Commuter trains are often packed with passengers due to the lack of other forms of public transportation in Jakarta, which has some of the worst traffic jams in Asia.



CBCnews : Floodwaters surging through Himalayan foothills in western China have swept bridges, houses and hillsides into roiling brown torrents, leaving at least 31 people dead and 166 missing Thursday, as heavy rains buffeted many parts of the country.
Flooding in the western province of Sichuan was the worst in 50 years for some areas, with more than 220,000 people forced to evacuate.

Nationwide, at least 46 people have died due to the violent weather since Sunday, according to figures from the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the official Xinhua News Agency. Thousands of homes have been destroyed or damaged and transportation has come to a virtual standstill in hard-hit areas.
Many of the casualties in Sichuan were from a massive landslide that struck a scenic resort outside the city of Dujiangyan, killing 18 people and leaving 107 missing. An entire hillside collapsed onto clusters of holiday cottages where city dwellers escape summer heat, a survivor told Xinhua.

'The noise was like thunder and went on for two or three minutes. My first thought was that I too would be buried,' Gao Quanshi, 47, was quoted as saying. Phone lines were cut, so villagers had to trek to nearby government offices to call for help, he said. Images from the scene showed a valley filled with mud and rocks, with only the tops of trees sticking through. Drenched rescuers wearing helmets and life jackets worked mostly with hand tools to prevent harming any survivors still trapped beneath.

A total of 352 tourists had been rescued from the area as of Wednesday night, Xinhua said. Overall in Sichuan, there were at least 31 people dead and 166 missing, said the provincial department of civil affairs.
A mudslide in Sichuan's Aba prefecture left three people dead and 12 others missing, Xinhua said.
Mudslides and flooding are common in China's mountainous areas, killing hundreds of people every year, but in some areas the current floods are already the worst in half a century. Reports said the 94 centimetres of rainfall that fell on Dujiangyan over 40 hours beginning Monday was the heaviest since records began being kept in 1954.


BBC News : The last of the pilgrims stranded after the recent floods in the Indian state of Uttarakhand have been evacuated, bringing to an end one of the world's largest air rescue operations. More than 100,000 people have been rescued from the Himalayan mountains after floods and landslides that left more than 800 dead. At least 3,500 people have been officially confirmed as missing.
But authorities say the exact number of deaths may never be known.

The National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) said more than 11,000 were feared missing.
'The number of missing stands at 3,500 to 3,700 but a report prepared by a UN agency along with some NGO pegs the figure in excess of 11,000,' vice-chairman Shashidhar Reddy said.


FOX News : PASSAU, Germany Swollen rivers gushed into the old section of Passau in southeast Germany on Monday, as water rose in the city to levels not seen in more than five centuries.
The city was one of the worst hit by flooding that has spread across a large area of central Europe following heavy rainfall in recent days. At least eight people were reported to have died and nine were missing due to floods in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Czech Republic.

'The situation is extremely dramatic,' Herbert Zillinger, a spokesman for Passau's crisis center, told The Associated Press. Much of the city was inaccessible on foot and the electricity supply was shut down as a precaution, he said. Rescuers were using boats to evacuate residents from flooded parts of the city.

But with water from the Danube, Inn and Ilz rivers relentlessly pouring into the city, water was advancing into previously dry streets -- in one case going from dry to ankle-deep within half an hour. Markers set in 1954, when the city suffered its worst flooding in living memory, have disappeared beneath the rising water. The German news agency dpa said the water levels were the highest recorded since 1501 in Passau, a city that dates from before Roman times.

The German army said it has sent 1,760 soldiers to help local authorities and volunteers reinforce flood defenses, particularly in the south and east of the country. Chancellor Angela Merkel planned to visit flood-hit areas Tuesday, her spokesman said.

Elsewhere, authorities in the Czech Republic said more than 7,000 people had to be evacuated as of Monday afternoon as the flood-swollen Vltava River continued to rise.
Those evacuated included residents of southern neighborhoods in Prague and the town of Terezin also known as Theresienstadt, the former Jewish concentration camp during the Nazi WWII occupation, which is located north of the capital.

Prague's central sewage treatment plant was shut down on Monday to prevent its damage by the high water. That means that the sewage from the capital goes directly to the river. The plant may be restarted Tuesday or Wednesday. Interim Mayor Tomas Hudecek said animals from a zoo located by the river had been taken to safety. Parts of the city's subway transportation network also were shut down because of flooding.

The Charles Bridge -- normally packed with tourists at this time of year -- was closed to the public as were some other popular spots near the river at the foot of Prague Castle. Rescuers evacuated some 2,700 people across the western half of the country where the government declared a state of emergency in most regions. Some had to leave their homes in the southern neighborhoods of Prague, while further evacuations have been under way in the northern Czech Republic, awaiting a flood wave later Monday.


RTE News : Torrential rain over the weekend has flooded several towns in eastern Australia, with three deaths reported. Many businesses in Queensland's state capital Brisbane were inundated.

Around 1,200 properties were flooded by record high waters in the city of Bundaberg, 385km north of Brisbane.
Helicopters were used to rescue 18 people from the roofs of their homes in Bundaberg, Australian Associated Press reported.

Queensland police confirmed that three people had died in flood waters since the weekend. There was also flooding in the Queensland towns of Gladstone, Gympie and Ipswich.

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has offered her condolences to those killed in the floods. 'My condolences go to the families and friends of those who have been lost. We have got grave concerns for a number of others,' she said.

The grounds of the Calgary Stampede is shown in this aerial photo with the city of Calgary, Alta., in the background on Saturday, July 07, 2012.

The Calgary Stampede grounds are immersed in water during heavy flooding in Calgary, Saturday, June 22, 2013.


Canada.com : The flooding in Calgary has caused extensive damage to many of the city's major landmarks. Now that the flooding is beginning to subside, the months long clean up process is underway.

There are many photos of the damage. We've put together a few before-and-after examples to show exactly what Calgary is facing. The Calgary Stampede grounds are almost totally underwater.


Heavy rains initiated by a typhoon have triggered landslides in southern China that have buried homes and vehicles and killed dozens of people, as the number of dead or missing from recent flooding in the country surged past 200.
Heavy rains killed 21 construction workers as flooding spread to northwest China, state media reported on Wednesday.
Sudden rainstorms and hail battered Haixi in Qinghai province, 'washing away' the workers on Tuesday evening, the official Xinhua news agency said.

'The workers were repairing a construction site at the time when the tragedy happened,'it added. A search for three missing people was under way.
Authorities said at least 85 people in county's northwest were confirmed dead, 105 missing, and some 3.74 million people had been affected by the severe weather.
The worst-affected province was Liaoning, where Xinhua quoted Guo Shouying, 54, as saying: 'Floodwater gushed out of the embankments and my mother was swept away.
'The neighbours heard her desperate calls for help, but the flood was so huge that no one dared to swim into the water to rescue her.'
Another 49 people have perished in Hunan, central China, and in the southern provinces of Guangdong and Guangxi, where vehicles were covered in mud and rocks along a mountain highway, the ministry of civil affairs announced.
The flooding has destroyed homes and sent rivers of mud flowing into city streets. Residents scrambled to escape the rising waters, using makeshift rafts and any implements they could find, including inflatable paddling pools, to flee. Many had to climb trees to avoid being swept away.
Chinese Premier Li Keqiang called for "persistent efforts" to save victims from what Xinhua described as "the worst floods in decades".
Nearly 3,000 military personnel were mobilised to help with the relief efforts.
Rains brought by last week's Typhoon Utor have caused severe flooding across Hunan, Guangxi and neighboring Guangdong province. In Guangdong, 22 people have died and eight were missing in flooding since Friday.
By Tuesday morning, a total of 105 people were reported dead and 115 missing in the extreme south and northeast.
In the deadliest incident, torrential rains over the last week caused the Nei River in northeastern Liaoning province to overflow near the city of Fushun, sweeping away homes, roads and utilities and leaving 54 people dead and 97 missing.
Flooding hits China each summer, but heavy rains have brought greater than usual levels of destruction in some areas.


A typhoon caused deadly mudslides that buried people and destroyed homes on a Japanese island Wednesday before sweeping up the Pacific coast, grounding hundreds of flights and disrupting Tokyo's transportation during the morning rush. At least 17 deaths were reported and nearly 50 people were missing.
At least 14 people were killed and around 50 were reported missing after Typhoon Wipha slammed into the Japanese island of Izu Oshima, about 120 kilometres south of Tokyo, on Wednesday morning.
Hardest hit was Izu Oshima island about 120 kilometres south of Tokyo. Rescuers found 16 bodies, most of them buried by mudslides, police and town officials said. Dozens of homes were destroyed, and about 45 people are missing.
'We have no idea how bad the extent of damage could be,' town official Hinani Uematsu said.
One woman from Tokyo died after falling into a river and being washed 10 kilometres downriver to Yokohama, police said. Two sixth-grade boys and another person were missing on Japan's main island, Honshu, the Fire and Disaster Management Agency said.
More than 350 homes have been damaged or destroyed, including 283 on Izu Oshima, it said.


Staff writer, Al Arabiya News
The official death toll as a result of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines has risen to 2,275 ( last data November 23th has risen 5209 death ), the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council said on Wednesday.
The council said around 3,655 were injured, and a further 80 missing, according to the Associated Press.
Typhoon Haiyan, considered one of the most powerful storms on record, struck six central Philippine islands on Friday, wiping away buildings and leveling seaside homes with ferocious winds of 235 kilometers per hour.
The typhoon is feared to have claimed more than 10,000 lives and more than nine million people have been affected. Many are now struggling to survive without food, shelter or clean drinking water.
The United States and Britain are sending several warships, including an aircraft carrier, to the typhoon-stricken Philippines, according to official announcements on Monday.
U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has ordered the aircraft carrier USS George Washington other naval warships to the Philippines as Marines began arriving in the hardest-hit areas to joint relief efforts following the deadly typhoon.
Also on Monday, British Prime Minister David Cameron announced a navy warship with equipment to make drinking water from seawater and a military transport aircraft will be sent to the Philippines.
A massive relief operation is underway, though many in the disaster zone have yet to see much assistance.


Snow Storm that swept America, Canada and European Countries Have been Predicted by FU GUI CONSULTANT

9a. USA

The north-eastern US has been hit by a major winter storm, with 53cm (21 inches) of snowfall recorded in one town in Massachusetts.
Thousands of flights have been cancelled as heavy snowfall moved eastward from the Midwestern states.

The New York and New Jersey governors have declared a state of emergency, urging people to stay indoors.
Many schools and businesses have closed amid warnings the storm will worsen overnight and into Friday morning.

'We're going to see a lot of snow and a lot of wind,' said Jason Tuell, of the US National Weather Service. 'We're concerned about whiteout conditions possibly tonight with the blowing and drifting snow.'

More than 2,200 flights were cancelled on Thursday, and by the early hours of Friday a further 1,000 flights scheduled for later in the day had already been cancelled, according to FlightAware.com. Outreach teams were working to get homeless people off the streets in New York City and Boston.


CTVNews, Residents in Ontario are bracing for their first winter storm of 2014, while thousands in Newfoundland remain without electricity as temperatures dip down to -35 C.

Environment Canada issued a special warning statement for much of Ontario as two separate storm systems are expected to hit the province beginning Saturday, with freezing rain and as much as 20 cm of snow by Monday.

A storm system moving from the north of the province is expected to bring snowfall beginning Saturday night and continue into Sunday morning dumping 5 cm of snow in some areas, while a storm system developing over Oklahoma and Texas will make its way north, crossing into Ontario Sunday night and persisting into Monday morning.
The agency warns that Saturday's milder temperatures will be short-lived.

While the average temperature will hover around the freezing mark in Toronto on Saturday and Sunday, the mercury will soon begin to dip, with a high of -17 C forecasted for Tuesday.

The agency expects bitterly cold temperatures to remain throughout the region through Wednesday, bringing in some of the coldest temperatures in years.
Travel conditions are expected to deteriorate by Sunday night, with accumulating snow and poor visibility anticipated across most of Southern Ontario.

A special weather statement is also in effect for much of Quebec, where Environment Canada warns of "adverse weather conditions" that could include significant snowfall in the northern part of the province and freezing rain in the south.

Meanwhile, a wind chill warning remains in effect for much of the province, with wind chill values ranging from -38 C in central and eastern Quebec to -50 in regions farther north.


A powerful storm with hurricane-force gusts hit Britain and began moving across Europe on Thursday, disrupting air travel, halting trains and leaving tens of thousands of homes without electricity. Accidents linked to the storm killed three people.

Authorities evacuated some 10,000 homes along the eastern English coast after warning that the country could face its worst tidal surge in 60 years. The Thames Barrier ; a series of huge metal plates that can be raised across the entire river ; was being closed late Thursday to protect London from the surge.

Tidal floods ; caused as the storm drives huge amounts of seawater toward the land were expected in Britain, Germany and Scandinavia, together with freezing high winds from Greenland. Rescue teams ferried residents to safety by boat in north Wales, while officials in other areas handed out sandbags and set up emergency shelters.

The storm first plowed into Scotland overnight, slamming the highlands with gusts up to 142 miles (229 kilometers) per hour. Trains were suspended for much of Thursday, but began to run fitfully later as some routes were cleared of debris.

Transportation troubles were reported throughout northwestern Europe. All flights to and from Copenhagen's international airport were halted late Thursday due to the storm, officials said. It was not immediately clear how many passengers were affected or how long the airport ; Scandinavia's largest would stay closed.

Almost all flights to and from Hamburg airport in northern Germany were also canceled, and federal authorities in Germany issued a warning for residents of Hamburg to expect a 'very severe tidal flood' at about 6:30 a.m. Friday (0530 GMT; 12:30 a.m. EST). Residents were urged to evacuate low-lying areas of the port and along the Elbe River.

The German Weather Service said the storm front, which was gathering strength as it headed eastward from the Atlantic Ocean off Greenland, would also bring polar air and some snow to Europe. Some schools in the northern Netherlands closed early so children could get home safely to celebrate Sinterklaas ; the traditional Dutch version of Christmas with their families.

Passengers on an easyJet flight from London to Glasgow, Scotland, wound up landing in Manchester after aborted attempts to land in both Glasgow and Edinburgh. As the plane neared Scotland, 'suddenly everything started shaking and bumping, we were going up and down, up and down,' said passenger Hazel Bedford.
'An awful lot of people were being sick but the plane, it was incredibly quiet. When cabin crew said 'We're going to Manchester,' people started to realize this was serious,' she said.

An accident west of Edinburgh claimed the life a truck driver and a falling tree killed a man in Nottinghamshire.
Police in western Denmark said a 72 year old woman died when the van she was in was knocked over in the storm.

Forecasters predicted winds gusting up to 87 mph (140 kph) along Germany's North Sea coast.
Ferry operators canceled services to some of Germany's North Sea islands and the country's national railway, Deutsche Bahn, warned of likely disruptions across northern Germany.

German authorities reported flooding on the tiny low-lying North Sea islands of Langeness and Hooge near Denmark, the DPA news agency reported. Residents protected their homes with sandbags against the rising waters but Langeness mayor Heike Hinrichsen warned if the seas rose as high as predicted, the 'waves of the North Sea will be lapping at the houses.' 'Nobody on the islands will be closing their eyes tonight,' said Langeness resident Fiede Nissen.'It's already tense.'

The Netherlands closed water barriers to protect the low-lying country from high tides, including the Oosterscheldekering barrier in the southwestern delta region, which was closed for the first time since 2007.

Water authorities in the northern Dutch province of Friesland were patrolling dikes to make sure any breeches or damages from the high tides were quickly repaired. The dikes were built to withstand water levels 5 meters (nearly 16 1/2 feet) above normal.
Thursday's tide was predicted to be around 3.3 meters (10 feet) higher than normal, the authority said.

In Scandinavia, Danish and Norwegian police urged people to stay indoors and avoid the gusts.


Floods Which almost evenly distributed across Indonesia have been predicted by FU GUI CONSULTANT in weather analysis in Water Snake year 2013


JAKARTA (AFP) : More than 10,000 Indonesians have fled their homes in the capital due to flooding that has left five dead, an official said Sunday, with people using rubber dinghies and wading through waist-deep water to reach safer ground.

Many parts of Jakarta were under murky, brown water, while on the vast archipelago's northern Sulawesi island the death toll from flash floods and landslides rose to 19.

Buildings in some parts of sprawling capital, which has a population of 10 million and is regularly afflicted by floods during the six-month rainy season, were half submerged, with roads unpassable in many areas.

'So far 10,530 people in Jakarta have been displaced by floods caused by heavy rains,' disaster agency official Tri Budiarto told AFP.

10b. JAVA

Two people have died in landslides caused by heavy rainfall in Sukabumi regency, West Java, on 14 December. Around 69mm of rain fell in 24 hours between 14 and 15 December in West Java and 60mm in 24 hours in East Java.

The heavy rain caused flooding in East Java, where as many as 43 villages were inundated. Around 20,000 people had to be evacuated from their homes in the areas around Bojonegoro, Tuban, Gresik and Mojokerto. One person was reported as missing. Around 1,800 hectares of rice fields have been inundated. The heavy rainfall is expected to continue.

There has also been some heavy rainfall elsewhere in Java over the last few hours. Jakarta saw 82mm of rain in 24 hours on 16 Dcember. Similar levels (79mm) were seen in Serang in Banten Province, West Java. Also yesterday, heavy rain in Cilacap Regency in Central Java Province caused the Cibereum River to break its banks, flooding around 1,000 homes.

According to Republika Online, the areas affected are: 33 homes in Tegalsari village, 185 in the Sidamulya village, 397 in the Gunungreja village and 145 in Sidareja village.


Days of torrential rain triggered a landslide and flash floods on Indonesia's Sulawesi island, killing at least 13 people and sending tens of thousands fleeing for safe ground, disaster officials said Thursday.

Residents and rescuers in Sangihe district of North Sulawesi province dug through debris with their bare hands and shovels. Two bodies were pulled from the mud, and eleven others were found in the water late Wednesday, said National Disaster Mitigation Agency's spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho.

More than 1,000 houses were flooded by overflowing rivers in five other districts of the province, he said.
About 40,000 people fled to temporary shelters, and rescuers were still searching Thursday for at least two more villagers.
Police and soldiers struggled to reach about 1,000 people who were isolated in three hamlets after floods destroyed the only bridge, said the agency's provincial chief Noldy Liow.

He said that rivers bloated by days of rain burst their banks and washed away dozens of houses and vehicles, including in the provincial capital of Manado. Floodwaters reached a meter (3.28 feet) in some places.

'Many people drowned or were buried by mud ... they didn't have time to save themselves,' Liow said.
Millions of people live in mountainous regions and near fertile plains that are close to rivers. Seasonal rains and high tides in recent days have caused widespread flooding across much of Indonesia, an archipelago of more than 17,000 islands that's home to 240 million people. (AP)

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