Fu Gui Consultant has been established since 2005 by Mr Liem Boen Hong, Master of Architectural Engineering degree from Parahyangan Catholic University, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. Fu Gui is a consultancy company specialising in Architecture, Feng Shui and Dowsing. Feng shui and Dowsing are generally well known throughout the world, and although proven to be extremely beneficial, most people feel that both techniques have a mystical power that is only magic.

So our company mission are:
To put the true provable facts that Feng shui and Dowsing are logical working principles, in front of people to take any inhibition away. Fu Gui”s another mission is to make people realize that Feng Shui and Dowsing are scientific knowledge, not somekind of belief/unrelated to religion, so by using both techniques in architectural design, we create living environment that is totally healthy , safe, and is in harmony with nature.

Fu Gui has several services including:
– Design of a living environment ( exterior and interior )
– Design of a living environment with value added of Feng Shui and Dowsing.
– Dowsing Services ( making geopathic stress line map in a living environment, detecting the source of             water to make deep well ).

Feng Shui Services :
– Analysis building plan with the use of feng shui method
– Analysis and surveying built environment ( house, office, factory etc )
– Analysis of Career, Business and Marriage
– Analysis of biorhythmic life of human being ( Feng Shui Ba Zi / Four Pillars 8 Elements Method )
– Selecting and positioning of employee for a company by using Feng Shui Ba Zi Method considerations,           through analysis of employee”s birth data to understand character and talent
– Logo Analysis and design
– Selecting days for importance events ( marriage, move to a new house, date of birth)
– In House training of Feng Shui

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Fu Gui Consultant

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Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

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Notes         : We do not serve consultation via sms, telephone and email, unless you pay a consultation fee.